Wall Inspection



Revolutional Wall Inspection

The difficulty of wall inspection is relatively high because of the week GPS signal when a drone hides behind a building. However, our drone experts have skills to fly drone even in such environments, and we can carry out a series of work from photographing the wall to identifying cracks and reporting of inspection results.

Features of Our Service

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    Safety Inspection

    Safety Inspection

    SLAM in non-GPS environment takes time to calibrate and operation becomes often unstable. Our pilots can fly safely and efficiently.

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    Detailed detection

    Detailed detection

    In addition to visible images, night inspections are also available for infrared rays. By using both sides it is also possible to check cracks less than 1 mm in width.

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    Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

    Compared with the conventional method of constructing a foothold and conducting structural inspection of the condominium, it is possible to drastically reduce labor costs and time.

Step by Step Implementation

  1. Contact Us

    Please call (+81)3-5860-1023 or send a message using the form for your inquiry.
    Our experienced staff will help you.

  2. Briefing Before Flight

    We will suggest the best plan based on your request and budget.
    Method, date, place, and accuracy of survey can be determined after discussion.

  3. Flight Survery

    Once plan has been set, our experienced staff will implement the survey.

  4. Reporting

    Using the survey result, we process the data and send it to you.