LiDAR Survey



Revolutional measurement by LiDAR survey

Compared with conventional surveying methods and drone photogrammetry, LiDAR survey can analyze data in a short time. In addition, by drone survey professionals, we provide a end-to-end service from introduction of drone to precise data analysis and results report that satisfy i-Construction criteria.

Features of Our Service

  • 01

    Precise Measurement

    Precise Measurement

    LiDAR survey not only reduces costs but also realize precise measurements that meet the i - Construction criteria.

  • 02

    Appropriate Consulting

    Appropriate Consulting

    We propose optimal packages according to each site, not over-spec drone or software.

  • 03

    Pilot Network

    Pilot Network

    With our own drone pilot network, you can carry out drone flight operations or we can train you in the entire world.

Step by Step Implementation

  1. Contact Us

    Please call (+81)3-5860-1023 or send a message using the form for your inquiry.
    Our experienced staff will help you.

  2. Briefing Before Flight

    We will suggest the best plan based on your request and budget.
    Method, date, place, and accuracy of survey can be determined after discussion.

  3. Flight Survery

    Once plan has been set, our experienced staff will implement the survey.

  4. Reporting

    Using the survey result, we process the data and send it to you.