Infrastructure Inspection



Inspection of Large Infrastructures

We have already conducted a lot of inspections for various large-scale structures such as wind power plants, power transmission lines, dams and bridges. Even in environments where drone flight is tough due to GPS accuracy or electromagnetic waves, our experts have sophisticated skills to fly drone. In addition, inspection results are provided quickly in reports.

Features of Our Service

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    Safety Inspection

    Safety Inspection

    You do not have to do dangerous work such as climbing a high tower with a lifeline and fishing down to the dam wall with a wire.

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    Flight by Professionals

    Flight by Professionals

    Wind power generation, communication towers, dams, bridges require professional level technology to fly drones due to non-GPS environment and wind turbulence.

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    Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

    Since there is no need to prepare a lifeline and wire, it is possible to drastically reduce the time and cost necessary for the inspection which had been used conventionally.

Step by Step Implementation

  1. Contact Us

    Please call (+81)3-5860-1023 or send a message using the form for your inquiry.
    Our experienced staff will help you.

  2. Briefing Before Flight

    We will suggest the best plan based on your request and budget.
    Method, date, place, and accuracy of survey can be determined after discussion.

  3. Flight Survery

    Once plan has been set, our experienced staff will implement the survey.

  4. Reporting

    Using the survey result, we process the data and send it to you.